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For over 75 years Kelley’s Wood Floors has been sanding, finishing, and repairing hardwood floors in the Central TX area. For decades we have also been selling and installing both solid and engineered hardwood floors for new builds and remodels.

Our Services
We’ve devoted our entire existence to providing exceptional customer service for each client. Whatever your wood flooring needs are, we’ve spent decades mastering the craft of solving your problem.
Professional Refinishing

Refinishing wood floors almost seems to be a lost art these days due to an increased popularity in “un-servicable” prefinished wood floors.

Custom Floor Installation

Each home is unique – that’s why we take the time to assess your unique situation and decide what the best prep and installation method will be.

Water Damage Restoration

If you know or suspect that your wood floors have sustained any type of water damage, your next call should be to us!

Wood Floor Sales

Our engineered wood floors offer unique value over most other products on the market. This ensures that your floor will last the lifetime of your home!

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The average time it takes to complete a sand & refinish job is 3-5 days. Timeframe depends on several factors including the square footage of the floor, shape it’s in, repair work, is it going stain or neutral, etc…

The sanding process is the most time consuming process and crucial to the outcome of the job, if the sanding is inadequate then the finished product will be unsatisfactory. We use a small arsenal of state of the art equipment and knowledge to achieve exceptional results.

The finishing process is the final and most delicate process of refinishing. This is the part where the color and sheen of your floors is determined. We use low-voc waterborne polyurethane for multiple reasons, one being so that you can return using your floors much sooner. Our typical finish is 90% cured after 24 hours dry, so you can begin to move in after only 1-3 days. Standard oil-based polyurethane takes a full 30 days to cure to 100%

This should be pretty easy, right?​ With all the options out there today, it can be a actually be daunting task to choose the right wood floors. We’re here to help!

If you’re looking for solid wood floors, in most cases you’ll need to have a wooden subfloor so the wood floor can be nailed down. If you live in a slab house, it is possible to install a subfloor, but there are several consideration in doing so. In these cases, we open the discussion of our engineered wood flooring options.

If prefinished flooring suites your needs, there are many choices of color, specie, width, smooth face, handscraped, wire-brushed, oiled, uv-cured polyurethane, fumed, distressed, you get the idea. Let us help you choose.

Solid wood flooring is where the real value is.​ Most solid flooring is 3/4″ thick with a 1/4″ – 5/16″ wear layer. Solid hardwood flooring can last in excess of 100 years, no kidding! Many of the floors we refinish are in homes that are at least 50 years old, some are actually early 1900’s homes. Many of these floors have more life left in them than a lot of cheaper prefinished engineered products on the market today! Refinishing real wood floors is much cheaper and quicker than replacing flooring.

With a 1/4″ – 5/16″ wear layer, solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished 5-7 times, depending on the skill of the refinishers and the flatness of the floor in general. The flatter and more level the floor is to begin with, the less has to be sanded off to make the floor flat (or at least appear flat). This is why the subfloor that your flooring is installed on top of should be as flat and level as possible.

Engineered Wood Flooring is a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring! It can have the same asthetic appeal without the expansion and contraction associated with solid hardwood. It has also been steadily gaining popularity in new homes as well as remodels. You may find that it suits your needs perfectly. The most common engineered floors are prefinished, but we also have unfinished products available – both have their benefits. Most of our engineered products range in thickness from 9/16″ –  5/8″, with widths ranging from 2 1/4″ to 8″.

At Kelley’s Wood Floors we’re so adamant about this subject I felt the need to write a separate section about it.

The term “wear layer” simply describes the uppermost portion of each wood floor board. In the context of engineered wood floors, the wear layer is the “real-wood” veneer. With solid hardwood floors, the wear layer is the portion of the board above the tongue. You may find many bargain retailers omitting this discussion from their sales pitch, so it’s up to you to bring it up if they don’t! It is the most important element that determines how long your floors will last!

Keep in mind that each time we refinish a floor, our customers are getting 20-30 years of life out of our finish until the need to refinish arises again (depending on lifestyle and care). So take a solid wood floor that can be refinished 5-7 times and it will easily last 100 years or more! Most of our unfinished engineered floors can be sanded 3-4 times, which equates to 60-80 years of life! We also have prefinished floors that can be sanded 1-4 times. Now if you have a floor that can’t be sanded, which unfortunately includes most prefinished engineered floors on the market, you’re forced to replace it once it does wear out – which in our experience is 20-30 years.

Given all this, we urge you to determine how long you’d like your floor to last before choosing a product. Once you determine that, then find a floor with a wear layer to match your needs – and finally a style and color that you desire. Remember, trends change, but the serviceability of your floor does not. As a rule, most engineered floors will require a 3mm wear layer to be able to be sanded. Also keep in mind that hand-scraped engineered floors typically cannot be sanded, unless the wear layer is at least 4mm-5mm thick. There are other variables involved in this discussion, so all you need to do is ask!


    C.C. Beal
    Waco, TX

    Kelley’s Wood Floors are without a doubt the best flooring company we’ve ever worked with. Brian Kelley and his crew are highly skilled and knowledgeable and exemplify excellence in craftsmanship…

    L.A. Kanitz
    Waco, TX

    My experience with Kelley’s Wood Floors is one of the best I’ve ever had with a contractor. They are amazing!! I hired Kelley’s Wood Floors to refinish the hardwoods in the entire home. The boards were warped and badly damaged in places. The wood is an exceptionally hard wood, so they weren’t easy to re-sand and level. Kelley’s absolutely transformed them. The floors are more beautiful than I could have dreamed!

    Beth Armstrong
    Waco, TX

    Brian Kelley and his team at Kelley’s Wood Floors did a phenomenal job refinishing the flooring on the historic Clifton House which also serves as the headquarters for the Junior League of Waco. This company came highly recommended to us, and we were not disappointed. Due to the busy nature of our organization, Brian and his team worked tirelessly within our tight timeframe and completed the work earlier than projected.

    Richard Miller
    China Spring, TX

    Please take the time to read this review. Brian Kelley and his crew are the best my wife and I have ever seen. They were respectful, on time and professional…

    Sharon S.
    Temple, Texas

    Every friend we spoke with said to call Kelley’s Wood Floors. They said they would trust no one else to stain or install wood floors…Our new floor is absolutely stunning!

    Linda L.
    Killeen, Texas

    I really thought it was a lost cause, but Kelley’s Wood Floors did a wonderful job and were able to restore my floors to their original beauty. It was truly amazing to me!


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