15626 Old Troy Rd. Troy, TX 76579

Residential Herring Bone Pattern

While on vacation, I got a text from the designer asking “can you do herringbone?” My response was “absolutely!”. The rest is history. The house has original handscraped 5″ walnut floors and travertine tile throughout. They removed the travertine in the kitchen which was being completely remodeled. We originally set out to install a custom white oak herringbone floor with a border of some sort that met up to the walnut. The idea was that we weren’t going to touch the walnut floors and we couldn’t match them exactly, so it was decided to go a different direction completely. As the project progressed, I realized we had enough of the existing walnut (which we had to remove from a small area) to use as a band in the border – to visually tie it into the walnut. So we milled it up and incorporated it into the intricate border.

Towards the end of the project, prior to sanding & finishing, the homeowner realized that the existing walnut floors just weren’t going to work with the new floors and the rest of the remodel that had just happened around them. So we sanded and finished all the floors in the lower level of the house with a custom blend.

This remodel project was featured in the March 2020 issue of the Wacoan Magazine.