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Wood Floor
Installation & Repair


We  specialize in hardwood floor installation – solid, engineered, prefinished/unfinished, and parquet.

Each home is unique, so each floor requires special attention. Improper installation methods can cause damage to your new floor from the start! That’s why we take the time to assess your unique situation and decide what the best prep and installation methods will be. This includes:

  • Nail down

  • Glue down

  • Floating

  • Installation over wooden subfloors & screed systems

  • Installation over concrete slabs

  • Plywood and screed subfloor systems

  • Stairs


Here’s another specialty! Many times while refinishing a wood floor there is some repair necessary. We’ve repaired hundreds of damaged floors. Once again, you should hire someone who is very experienced to repair your hardwood floor. The trick to repairing floors is to make the repair appear seamless.

Here are a few types of damages that we repair:

  • Antique floor repair

  • ​Termite damage

  • Water damage

  • Old in-floor heater holes

  • Subfloor

  • Light structural repair

Some important details you should know about repairs:

  • In order to properly repair an older floor it is imperative to use the same species, and yields best results to use flooring from a similar era. If the only option is to use new flooring, it will tend to show more. We typically have vintage and antique flooring of several species on hand to at least perform small repairs – this help us blend it in much better. However, there is always a chance that the repair will have a slightly different appearance. It is a natural product after all!
  • Most repairs are performed during the process of refinishing floors. If a repair is needed, but not a refinish, it can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to match the repair to the rest of the floor – depending on several factors.
  • If you have damage on a prefinished floor, such as scratches or worn through areas, the best and many times only fix is to replace boards. In order to do this, you’ll typically need to have some spare material on hand since most prefinished floors are discontinued after several years of production. It is typically not possible to simply sand spots of a prefinished floor and blend them in to match the rest of the floor.