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Wood Floor
Installation & Repair

Water Damage Restoration

If you know or suspect that your wood floors have sustained any type of water damage, your next call should be to us! If you see any signs of cupping (where the edges of the boards are raised), buckling, discoloration, or anything else unusual, give us a call. Our first step will be to visually inspect the damage, perform moisture testing to determine the scope of the damage, then develop a game plan.

Each instance is different, so we take careful consideration of our approach. In the best cases, we’re able to simply dry the flooring out and take no further action. Other cases require removing the damaged section(s), drying sub flooring, repairing the damage, then sanding/finishing the entire area if it’s a true hardwood. In the worst cases, we’ll need to completely remove & replace the entire floor and possibly subfloor if applicable.

We have professional restoration equipment to dry most residential spaces, and the knowledge and experience to get your floors back in order.